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Angoleth's Heir (Dragons of Angoleth #1) by Megan Poetschlag | A Book Review

Angoleth's Heir (Dragons of Angoleth #1) by Megan Poetschlag | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I got this as an ARC but have not been able to read it right away. This has been sleeping on my TBR. Finally, I can cross this off the list.

This is a story about dragon's. At first, it's not really obvious. The hint of dragons only came when the protagonist, Soraya, was taken back to her home--Angoleth. Soraya was taken to the land of humans when she was just an infant to protect her. She was given to a human couple his father has seen on Central Park. Yes, his father literally handed her over to a couple to take care of and to keep her safe. Luckily, the couple was childless and the wife was instantly taken with Soraya. They loved and nurtured Soraya until she got the surprise of her life when she turned eighteen. A guy, named Ruinar, visited Soraya to take her back to her birth parents and her home. 

This is a coming of age story of a girl who was meant to be more. An heir to a kingdom and is the only person who can save her parents and the whole kingdom from falling fully into evil hands. But before she can do any saving, she has to accept and learn to be in her new skin. She has to train to be a warrior and defeat the evil that has poisoned and destroyed Angoleth. Aside from that, she has to know more about the kingdom that she is soon to inherit and its inhabitants that she will soon serve.

This story reminded me of Kimberly Loth's Dragon Kings series. The similarities lie in having a young person/creature to serve or rule a kingdom and of course, there are dragons in both stories. Both stories also tackle the age old idea of good versus evil. The difference of the two is that Dragon Kings have three kings while in this story, so far it only spoke of one heir to the kingdom.

The story is not new and having the main character of Soraya grew up in the human world, away from her birth parents and unaware of her true identity is also not unheard of. But the fact, that she is a powerful magnificent and mythical creature is what fascinates me and the story did not in any way gave a clue until Soraya was ready to go back home. That part of the story was what I really liked because I was so clueless as to what Soraya really is. I know that she is important, as described in the early part of the story but how vital she is to be in the affairs and fate of the kingdom of Angoleth was yet to be revealed.

Another thing I liked about the story was the sufficient background story of how Angoleth came to be and its characters. Ruinar and even the supporting characters like Almira, Tinnu and Cyra were also given enough information as how they are essential to the whole story to work.

I give this book 4/5 black books. As I have said, the story is not really extraordinary but I love how the unveiling of Soraya's identity was played out. It was done with finesse. The author made the readers comfortable first with the first few chapters of the book and then, out of nowhere, the curtains are raised and lo and behold, the real Soraya. It was done with absolute care and with the reader so clueless as to what is coming next. I know this book was about dragons but I was still surprised when the dragons came into the picture. For that, I praise the author's skill for handling that part of the story very cleverly. I am looking forward to the next installments of the series. Thank you, Megan Poetschlag for the copy.

Don't worry, I am even more afraid and confused than you, but I have to smile and pretend I know what's going on.
- Megan Poetschlag, Angoleth's Heir - 

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