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Coming Up for Air by Miranda Kennealy | A Book Review

Coming Up for Air by Miranda Kennealy | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

This is also my first time to read a Miranda Kenneally. I got this from Netgalley. This is a sweet story of best friends who love the same sport--swimming and have fallen in love.

I think I signed up for this book because of the title. Very interesting. I, then read the blurb and it's even more interesting. So, the ending, I signed up for this one.

Maggie and Levi are best friends who are both swimmers and dreamed of playing in the Olympics someday. Their day is spent mostly in the pool practicing, school and then home. They are so focused on their goal and their training is rigorous. Discipline is strictly part of their daily life. There is no time for a relationship or any other normal things teenagers do. Until Maggie realized that she wanted to try some things before going to college--like making out. But how to go about it?

I admire Maggie for having the confidence and the trust in her relationship with Levi to even broach the bordering-on-ridiculous idea of recruiting Levi to take part in her quest to explore the unexplored territories of being a teenager. It was very gutsy and I think her belief that Levi would be honest with her was her assurance that she will not end up looking deranged or crazy or embarrassed. Though, the idea is a bit crazy but then curiosity won out. Maggie is lucky that she has a best friend like Levi who is just, maybe, as crazy as her.

Ah, Levi. I think he's my new book boyfriend. He's a great combination of a jock and geek in one. An amazing swimmer and a guy who likes to read Harry Potter on swimming practice breaks, is just so adorable. It's so rare to find guys like him who never fails to have a book in his back. Honest and a gentleman. He also loves his grandma. What more could a girl ask for?

I just love best friends falling in love. Especially, childhood best friends. It's just so romantic and just natural. And Maggie and Levi are just two people who are obviously going to fall in love with each other. Even their friends have just been waiting for it to happen.

This is a very sweet and inspiring story of friendship, trust, loyalty and love. It also talks of dedication, discipline and passion to one's craft. Like Maggie and Levi, in spite of pressures surrounding them, they kept their eyes on their goal of someday going to the Olympics. It also helped that they have a great group of supported friends and mentors who helped them stay on their pursuit. 

One other important nugget that the story emphasizes is to always best yourself. Your rival is only yourself. Just focus on what you can do. Strive to be better than your last. Improve, even just a little everyday.

I give this book 4/5 swimming googles. A very light and enjoyable read bound to get you giggling and sighing. A story surely to make you  want to take up swimming as another sport, either as a next hobby, a workout routine or a competitive endeavor. Definitely, this story will make you come up for air for the kind of friendship and relationship Maggie and Levi have. Truly one of a kind. Their friendship stood a test that have surely made other relationships irreconcilable. 

Thank you Miss Kennealy for this inspirational romance story. I am looking forward to reading the rest of your books.

Most people are so busy thinking about themselves they aren't worried about other people. It's human to think everyone is always watching everything we do, but they aren't.
- Miranda Kennealy, Coming Up for Air - 

Thank you Netgalley for the copy.

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