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Our Finest Hour (The Time Series #1) by Jennifer Millikin | ARC | A Book Review

Our Finest Hour (The Time Series #1) by Jennifer Millikin | ARC | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

This is my second book of Jennifer Millikin. My first encounter with the author was The Day He Went Away. It was a very emotional read about loss. This one is a bit less intense  and not as tragic as the first one but it still retains the author's mark of drawing you in like you have a stake in the characters and the turn of events in the story. The author has a way of making you an active participant in the story, which I heartily grabbed on to.

This is a story of a guy and a girl meeting in a bar and then hooked up after. But then, what happened after the said hook up is far more interesting. These two people then crossed paths again, five years later, and something unexpected and amazing happens.

This story is like the universe's way of making up for some wrongs done. In this story, Fate worked in a very surprising way, in favor of all the people involved. This is just a sweet story. One where you wished will happen to all those who were hurt, broken and abandoned. A sweet and lovely ending after a trying life of being a single parent. A second chance.

I am not sure if I believe in love at first sight but his story somehow made that a concrete possibility. That there is a chance it could happen to a person, once in his/her lifetime. With Aubrey and Isaac, it was not really a magical first meeting of sorts but their agreement to just forget everything in one hour with each other was probably the most romantic and amazing start of their story. That one hour which Fate decreed to be the foundation of a future that they will soon share together. The one hour that marks the start of a life that is meant to be lived together. This is a modern fairy tale with a really happy and wondrous ending. I would trade half of my life for this one great hour.

The chemistry of Aubrey and Isaac on that first meeting was just so evident and electric. Even these two can't deny that. These two met in such a very fortuitous time, when each one wanted to forget about pain and disappointment. They were like a balm for each other, for at least an hour, they eased each other's pain, even temporarily. 

Then, there's the serendipitous second meeting after five long years. Fate's hand again is totally to be credited for stepping in. The astonishing revelation and then Isaac's offer. All these just blew me away. The events in the story were not exactly unpredictable but the way the author narrated and lined them up was just so flawless. It was done with great care and timing that left me open-mouthed even though I have expected that it is what will likely happen next. I was just so into the story, I wanted to be Audrey and Isaac could be mine.

The only thing that I did not expect was how Aubrey let go of her longing for her mom. I wanted her to confront her mom and ask her all the questions that she wanted answered but that was not what happened. I wanted her to get the closure she wants by facing her mom. But it was not to be. I think the author wanted to close that chapter in Aubrey's life in a different way instead of the most common expected outcome. Over all, I was not disappointed because the ending absolutely made up for it. I never wanted the story to end any other way.

I give the book 5/5 blueberry muffins. I just loved how the story unfolded, it was excellently done. As I have said, Millikin, has a way of capturing the attention and hearts of her readers. All the characters, even the supporting ones, were portrayed with enough description to understand its purpose and part in the story as a whole. And Claire, is just so cute and adorable. I too want to be a protective mama bear for her. I may have not agreed with the author on how she ended Aubrey's issues with her mom but it did not at all affect the whole impact of the ending of the story. Yes, I wished it would have been how I wanted but I totally respect the author when she deemed it to be some other way. I am just so glad that this book was as I have expected. I am thankful that it was not as heavy as the first but it was still done with the same care and passion. Millikin, definitely is going to end up in my favorite authors' list. All I need is one more book to seal the deal.

Life is eventful. It has a way of racing forward without asking if you need to stop and take a breath.
- Jennifer Millikin, Our Finest Hour - 

Thank you, Jennifer Millikin for the ARC.

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