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Henrietta and the Battle of the Horse Mesa (Henrietta the Dragon Slayer #3) by Beth Barany | A Book Review

Henrietta and the Battle of the Horse Mesa (Henrietta the Dragon Slayer #3) by Beth Barany | A Book Review

Finally, I have finished this book and the series. This has been in my TBR for quite a while and I feel relieved that I can now cross this off my list.

This is the third and final book of the series. Henrietta is about to face the one person who has been taunting her. The magician who wanted to destroy the whole five kingdoms and rule it. Will she succeed?

This story wraps up the whole adventure of Henrietta and her friends--Jaxter who was not just a jester but rather an heir to a kingdom; Frank the knight who proved to be more than a loyal friend to Henri, and Paulette who was destined to become a powerful sorcerer who wields fire. These characters were present through the four books (including the prequel) and they have helped Henri throughout all her struggles and self-doubt. These friends had helped her find her self again and realize what she is destined to do. In this third and final installment, Henri met a few more friends who would help in her quest to finally end the evil and darkness that has gripped the Five Kingdoms for years. She will have to reunite the four kingdoms in order to beat this formidable enemy with magic.

I like the character of Rimah. She is a wise, brave and strong girl for her age. She complements Henri's character. And she proved to be a very good friend for Henri. She brings balance and eases the confusion and doubts running amok in Henri. These two would make a really good team. I also liked that she gives Henri new names.

What I was not comfortable with the story was how the events were relayed like they were separate events one after the other instead of being more cohesive. For example, the story started with Paulette and at first, it was confusing because I was pretty sure that scene was part of book two. It turned out, it was replaying or looking back to what happened previously. It seemed to me like it was not clearly done and I was under the impression that how the story should start was not properly outlined. I didn't like how the sequence of events were detailed. Instead of showing what Jaxter, Paulette, Franc and Henri were doing during one time, it seemed to be showing what happened to one character for a prolong period. And then, it goes back to that same period and then talks about another character. I just wished the flow was more fluid. Though, the chapters nearing the end were getting more connected and the flow of the story was a bit more solid. 

I give the book 4/5 horses with spots. So far, this is the best of the books in the series. I like how each character plays an important part in the whole story and is needed in order to defeat the sorcerer. The story is so detailed and felt like each character's adventure was a little story inside the story. I just wished the sequence of the chapters was done better. Nevertheless, this was a great ending to the trilogy. I would say, I liked Henri now. I liked how her character evolved through the stories and especially in this book, she has shown her full potential and what she is made of. Her strength and her natural ability to lead has fully manifested and she has become wiser and more mature as this story comes to a close. I also liked how the sorcerer was defeated and his final fate. It was fair, judging by the evils and deaths he has spread throughout the kingdom. I think the ending was done really well and each character's individual story was wrapped up properly. 

That is not the way to grow a warrior, with little worries and fears, nay.
- Beth Barany, Henrietta and the Battle of the Horse Mesa -  

Thank you, Beth Barany for the copy.

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