Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Moxie's Problem (Princess Moxie #1) by Hank Quense | A Book Review

Moxie's Problem (Princess Moxie #1) by Hank Quense Book Review

Princess Moxie is a two-book set. I didn't realize that there were two books until I started reading. I thought that the book was too long, even for a full novel. Then, when I reached the end of the story, I realized there was another one. You know what it's like when you are sent e-books to be reviewed without the covers, right? I don't think the first few pages told me that this was a two-volume set. I just found out that the table of contents was the only indication. Who reads the table of contents? Anyway, I will only be reviewing the first volume -Moxie's Problem.

The story happened in the time of King Arthur and Camelot. Princess Moxie is a fat, simple-looking, self-centered and a spoiled princess. She grew up being attended to and ordering people around. Until she was told by her father, King Smedley, to travel to meet his future husband -Count Gamel. She is to be accompanied by three of the Knights of the Round Table but what she got were three knight apprentices who just graduated from the Heroes Guild -Sir Gareth, Bors and Percivale.

This is a hilarious and refreshing take on the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. How Princess Moxie smoothly stole, muscled and bullied her way into the story is even more amusing. This is a story of knights were not a lot of swords were used but a lot of playing football. Where the fate of a town or kingdom is battled through a game of football. Where the secret to defeating the Saxons was by upping your football plays and game plans. I also adored how the other legends like the Lady of the Lake, the Lochness monster, etc. were shown in a different light. Absolutely creative!

I also love that the story's main character, Princess Moxie, is a truly unique character, irritating at most. Far from the usual and typical princesses we encounter. I absolutely hate her. Much to my delight, Moxie's character underwent metamorphosis and I agreed with the changes that she planned to undertake. I felt sorry for the three young knights who had the misfortune of meeting her. She made their lives miserable. Fortunately, Moxie saw the error of her ways and the lack of her upbringing. This is indeed a very amusing and gratifying tale.

I gave the book 4/5 chests. This is a story which broke all stereotypes -for princesses and knights. Very refreshing! Princess Moxie is a character you will hate, feel sorry for and hope to succeed. I think this should have been more appropriately entitled as Moxie is the Problem instead of Moxie's Problem. She's causing headaches and sleepless nights to the three young knights.

Now, I am curious as to what fate awaits Moxie after all the misfortunes that she has to go through, which in a way serves her right. But like Moxie, I had a change of heart. I found that I was actually rooting for her to make the drastic changes she wants in her life. And I want her to succeed too. From the bully to the underdog, the unforgiving tale of Princess Moxie, who has no friends and even his own father wanted to get rid of her and just marry her off to the first person who expressed his intent.

I am still finishing volume two of Princess Moxie's story - Moxie's Decision. I am curious as what will be the next misadventures that she will go through with our three very unfortunate knights. Every time I think of Moxie's character, I can't help but shake my head. She is a piece of work which has turned into a work-in-progress. We'll see if she can finally be able to make someone of herself.

Half the fun of adventure is not knowing where you're going.Then, it's a surprise when you get there.
- Hank Quense, Moxie's Problem -

Thank you again, and Hank Quense for the giveaway copy.