Sunday, January 1, 2017

Match Made in Wyoming (Wyoming Wildflowers #2) by Patricia McLinn | Audiobook | Review

Match Made in Wyoming (Wyoming Wildflowers #2) by Patricia McLinn Audio book Review

I won this audiobook in a giveaway. Thanks again Patricia McLinn. This is the second book in the Wyoming Wildflowers series. I have not read the first book. I think each book in the series is a stand alone.

Match Made in Wyoming is a very engaging and sweet story where a dog named Sin played a very good supporting role. I think Sin was the key to making this story work, apart from the alluring and captivating voice of Julia Motyka as narrator. She did a superb job of giving voices to the characters in the story.

This is a story of corporate lawyer Taylor Anne Larsen who moved to Wyoming for a change. In Wyoming she met Cal Ruskoff, the very closed-off ranch foreman whom she has a hard time figuring out. 

I love the story. I was so entertained and I fell in love with Cal Ruskoff. I would definitely pray for a snow storm so I will be holed up with him in the ranch for days. In some ways, I would like to be Taylor. These two are a pair made for each other plus one, we can't ignore Sin. She's the reason why these two had found they were made for each other. Taylor is just what Cal needs in his life. Someone to sort out his emotions, his business, and his past. Taylor is capable in all these areas. 

This story highlighted how the unconditional love of a dog or any pet can transform any morose person to a caring one, just like what happened to Cal. Sin's intelligence and loving nature, in dire need of a recipient, slowly melted Cal's self-imposed concrete barrier. He realized that he can never go wrong and will never get hurt or heartbroken with loving Sin.  

This story is fit to be read while curling up on a cozy sofa or bed. A good read for any time of the day but I think best read when raining or during snow storms. This book will warm you and make you forget that you cannot go out and enjoy the sun. This sunny book will bring the sun to you and lighten up your overcast and gloomy day.

I give this book 5/5 fireweed. I was giggling and forgot about my cares while listening to this story. It made me feel like there is nothing wrong with the world and I have all the time to enjoy and listen to all the inspiring and great stories I want. This book made me think about the pretty and beautiful flowers in spring. Colorful flowers make me feel alive and happy which was what this book did. This is absolutely an inspirational romance novel. 

Fireweed is known to be good for healing and renewal.

I think I could get used to audiobooks. I am loving it so far because of the hearing the emotions in the lines of the story instead of just reading them. But still, I would prefer reading them myself. I love the freedom of stopping right after reading a line and mull it over. Or go back and read it again. Also, I can easily go back to previous pages and highlight, write or do anything else which is not the same with audiobooks. 

When fire ravages Wyoming land, fireweed is among the first plants to return, brightening the blighted area with joy of its blooms. 
- Patricia McLinn, Match Made in Wyoming -