Saturday, January 14, 2017

Evertaster: The Delicious City (Evertaster Series) by Adam Glendon Sidwell | A Book Review

Evertaster: The Delicious City (Evertaster Series) by Adam Glendon Sidwell | A Book Review

As the title suggests, yes, this book will take you to the Delicious City. My mouth watered and I had this strong compulsion to eat ice cream. I imagined pistachio, mint chocolate, dark chocolate cinnamon and matcha green tea flavored delectable ice cream. But since, I was reading this in the middle of the night and we don't have any ice cream in the fridge to satisfy my craving, I just opted to reminisce those wonderful days of eating gelato. Yum!

Warning: You should not read this book on an empty stomach. This will definitely make you hungrier, if not Hangry!(Combination of Hungry and angry) A lot of delicious food and mouth-watering desserts are mentioned here. Your stomach will doubtlessly react violently to the sumptuous menu prepared and served in this story. 

This story is both entertaining and hilarious. Especially, characters that were named after food. I also liked the fact that Guster, the main character loves cinnamon. I so love cinnamon too. Once, I had tried eating cinnamon rolls everyday for breakfast for more than a week. It felt like I had eaten my year's supply of cinnamon. I actually did not eat cinnamon rolls for months after that. I found out that cinnamon should be taken in little doses to be more enjoyable. I still love it and still eat it sparingly. As much as I can get it, any food with cinnamon, just not everyday.

Back to Guster. This adventure of his is probably the most delicious adventure of all. If being an evertaster is true, I would like to be one. I would like to taste the emotion felt by the chef or person making the food. It would be both fascinating and scary at the time. I think it would make me appreciate more the amount of effort put into creating the gastronomical creations. Not to mention, the amount of love and dedication extended to find exotic ingredients. It would be good to know where the food came from. What obstacles the farmers or the merchants had to undergo to get the vegetables and other products to the end users. It would be a lesson not to waste anything. 

I admit, I am a foodie. I love dining out and trying new food and restaurants. I love to travel too and love to try other cuisines. I also love street food but after I was hospitalized for gastroenteritis, I had been a little careful after that. So, this book undeniably caught the foodie in me. If my copy were a paperback, I would have probably nibbled on the pages of this book.

I give this book 5/5 ice cream cones. I am looking forward to the next culinary adventures of Guster and his family. This made me want to continue to learn to bake. Not that I have given up. I just realized that baking is a relaxing activity for me and I would prefer doing it without any distractions. I want to be able to put all my attention and focus on the pastry. I'd prefer to bake alone or be left alone. Besides, I follow the instructions of tried and tested recipes on the internet which so far have worked for me. One thing I know is that the quality of the flour and other ingredients would matter on how the goodies would turn out. 

Wish you well. May wonderful tastes always find you.
- Adam Glendon Sidwell, Evertaster: The Delicious City - 

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