Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Blood of the Prophet (The Fourth Element #2) by Kat Ross | A Book Review

Blood of the Prophet (The Fourth Element #2) by Kat Ross | A Book Review

The second book of The Fourth Element Series. I also got my copy from Xpressobooktours. Thank you again. 

This is a continuation of Nazafareen, Darius, Tijah, and Myrri's journey. After they reached Macydonia, the land of Alexander. They found out that the Prophet Zarathustra is actually alive and is rotting in the dungeons in Karnopolis. This time, they are tasked to rescue the prophet from his cells and bring them to Alexander. Will the four succeed in their quest?

Ah, the epic adventure of Nazafareen continues. If you think the first book was intense, well, this is even better. More cunning and evil characters are unmasked in this story. That means more adversaries for our heroes to pursue and vanquished. Yes, the odds are all getting higher and larger. And finally, Darius and Nazafareen have become closer than ever. Nazafareen also discovers that she has more in her than she realized.

I guess when there is war, there are always casualties. Yes, just like the first book. There are characters that cease to exist in this story. Though some of them deserved their death. Some of them will leave your heart broken for their unexpected passing. Blood and tears were shed in this journey and some of our heroes will never ever be the same because of the tragedy.

If there were some who left, there are also new characters that will take their place. New personalities that will join the journey. Some of these new characters are so adorable but are they to be trusted? Will these new people help our cause?

I gave the book 5/5 leather neck collars. This story will hold you until the very end. There is no releasing the tension. You will weep tears of desperation and of fury and rage. This book will cause a lot of emotions that will leave you gasping for air. Blood will be spilled and people will weep. 

I knew all too well that it did no good to bolt the door against one's grief. It would simply lurk on the threshold and if you didn't come out, it would kick the door down and things would go much harder for you.
- Kat Ross, Blood of the Prophet - 

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