Friday, January 13, 2017

Possession (Song and Shadow #1) by Annie Oldham | A Book Review

Possession (Song and Shadow #1) by Annie Oldham | A Book Review

In the next two days, there will be an interruption in the internet services due to the celebration of the feast of Sr. Sto. Nino. Here in Cebu City, Philippines, it is the biggest and most popular celebration of all celebrations. The whole city, if not the whole province, commemorates the history and founding of the miraculous image of the child Jesus. Tomorrow, Saturday, would the procession and on Sunday is the famous Sinulog mardi gras or the grand parade. Because of possible threats of bombing, as a precaution, the internet connection will be turned off for the next two days for security and safety of all those who would join in the festivities. So, I am writing all my reviews due for the 15th tonight. This could be a long night.

This review is about Possession. The first book of the Song and Shadow series by Annie Oldham. This story is about Constance, a teenager who is having a hard time making friends in school and now just found out the weirdest and scariest truth about her family. This new revelation will not in any way help her social standing in school. If anyone finds out, she is doomed.

This story is a novelty for me. I have not read similar stories like this though I have heard of necromancers before but have never really read a whole story which focuses on one. Most of all, the necromancer here is a teenager and is very much clueless about this gift in the family. I guess, this is the first time I encountered a good necromancer. So, I blocked out all distractions and disturbances in order to concentrate on my reading.

In short, I definitely enjoyed this story. I feel for Constance. Her life as a teenager has never been easy and now, another burden is added to her shoulder. This gift of hers is also a curse. I also think that it is so bad-ass to possess this kind of ability. It is akin to reading minds or mental telepathy though hers just involved the dead. At least, she can practice her singing, even if she's not in choir practice.

I can't wait to continue with the rest of the series. Thankfully, book two is right here waiting for me to bury my nose in it. I am looking forward to Constance learning and honing her skill in returning spirits where they belong. Aside from that, I think her social life is shaping up to be going in the right direction. Her nemesis, the great bully --Seline, has learned her lesson. I think she will be lying low and Constance won't have to worry about her giving her a hard time. I am also looking forward to seeing her develop her friendship with Seth.

I give this book 4/5 candles. This was a great adventure for me involving the spirits and the dead. This is also a warm story about a family sticking together in spite of the problems that threatens to break them. This is also an inspiring story about friendships. Of staying true and loyal no matter what the circumstances your friend is in. No matter the level of quirkiness involved and the sensitivity of the secret that you would need to keep.

Relationships shouldn't have to be a game of chess that you have to wake up to play everyday. It should be an ebb and flow, constant and sure, just like the tides.
- Annie Oldham, Possession - 

Thank you again,, for the copy.

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