Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Prometheus Man by Scott Reardon | A Book Review

 The Prometheus Man by Scott Reardon | A Book Review

I think this is my first Scott Reardon read. I could not be sure since I think I have heard of the last name before but maybe it was another author. I got this copy from Netgalley. Thank you.

Mystery, suspense, and thrillers have always been my favorite genre. The adrenaline rush, the chase and the quest to uncover a mystery had constantly fascinated me. These type of stories are the closest I could get to living carelessly and dangerously. 

The Prometheus Man is a story about stem cell technology. A covert operation of the CIA is involved in the research to enhance superhuman strength and cell regeneration to create super soldiers by stem cell technology. But the project went wrong and now the CIA would need to clean up its mess.

Tom Reese is investigating the death of his brother Dr. Eric Reese. His only way of getting an all-access pass to an unlimited resource is to plant himself inside CIA. And how he got in was genius. Getting out of the building with the evidence he needs to avenge his brother's death will almost cost him his life. But then, he has nothing to lose and live for.

This was like a Robin Cook novel. A story about a science and medical breakthrough which was abused for personal gain. Tom's search for his brother's killer and for the truth about himself will take him from Paris to Germany and Italy. Brace yourself for a lot of blood, deaths, shrapnel and ricocheting bullets. I knew it. The title alone already screamed--Read me! 

This is the type of stories I live for. My indulgent dose of adrenaline and thrill. I give this book 4/5 syringes. Readers will be shown what possible ill-effects stem cell technology could have. Man should not be playing God because most of the time, it will end up a deadly mess.

Civilization is doomed because it takes a thousand  men to build a bridge and only one to blow it up.
- Scott Reardon, The Prometheus Man -