Saturday, January 14, 2017

Jack Templar and the Last Battle (The Templar Chronicles #6) by Jeff Gunhus | A Book Review

Jack Templar and the Last Battle (Jack Templar Monster Hunter #6) by Jeff Gunhus | A Book Review

This is my first time to hear of Jack Templar. This series has been a hit and it's just unfortunate that I have not heard of it. Jack Templar and the Last Battle is the 6th and last book of the series. Yes, too bad. This is the first book I read and the story has come to an end. This is going to be weird knowing the ending first before I start the whole series.

This book concludes The Templar Chronicles. Will Jack be able to gather all the five Jerusalem stones and defeat this grandfather Ren Lucre? 

This story felt like Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Truth be told, the author was definitely inspired by Rick Riordan to come up with this book because of his eleven-year-old son's non-interest in reading. This book fulfilled its purpose and even converted a lot of other kids to the reading cult. This just simply means that the series is really interesting. Like Percy Jackson, this book was based on a historical character which was the Knights of the Templar. Although, Percy was based on a character in Greek mythology but I think you know what I mean. I find the plot and the story line very engrossing indeed. Yes, Jack Templar is definitely one of those young heroes to follow. I had just been in only one and the last of his adventures but I find it so fascinating. Not to mention, his entourage of interesting friends that accompany him.

As I said, the story is akin to Percy Jackson's only because they are both young heroes who had to face the impossible and insurmountable tasks ahead. But that is where the similarities end. Their stories are so different though they get to face monsters and characters with special abilities. And I guess, no hero is ever successful having to face all his quests alone, he has to have a set of reliable and loyal friends to succeed. It is interesting, both Jack and Percy's weakness are their friends and both had been told that they could be their undoing.

I am looking forward to getting to know more of Jack Templar. I want to know what other compelling and dangerous adventures he has to face and he will get out of them alive. 

I give the book 4/5 Jerusalem stones. According to Google, this is how they look. They are the ordinary stones from Jerusalem, probably from some ruins, just like how it was described in the story. Anyway, I really enjoyed the last battle and Jack finally get to reunite with his long-lost Dad. It is a riveting story not just for kids but for adults too. 

Love can make people blind. It can make them justify things, terrible things.
- Jeff Gunhus, Jack Templar and the Last Battle - 

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