Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Midnight Sea (The Fourth Element #1) by Kat Ross | A Book Review

The Midnight Sea (The Fourth Element #1) by Kat Ross | A Book Review

I also signed up for the blog tour of Queen of Chaos hosted by Xpressobooktours. I have not read any of the books of The Fourth Element series. Thankfully, Xpressobooktours is so generous to include the first two books in the series. Thank you again. I guess, that is one of the perks of signing up for blog tours.

The Midnight Sea is the first book in the series. This is the story of  a girl of the Four-Legs Clan, a nomad, named Nazafareen. She lost her younger sister Asraf to a wight. Yes, like the one in Game of Thrones. And because of that traumatic experience, she vowed to avenge her sister's untimely death. When the opportunity arose, she joined the King's Water Dogs. They are warriors who destroy the Undead --the wights, revenants, etc. But in order for a water dog to vanquished the undead, s/he has to be bonded to a daeva. A being that can touch elemental magic like water, earth, air, but not fire. 

This story is based on the religion Zoroastrianism and some events in Persian and Greek history. It's both a combination of history and fantasy with a lot of paranormal and supernatural. Most of the scenes are set behind the Persian landscape. Names are so exotic and unique. And most of all, a story that will have you bound from the first pages until the last. It has a hypnotic quality that will render you immovable and lost to a strange world of wonder and awe.

Like most of the stories, a very unlikely hero will rise from some unknown part of the kingdom that will be the key to saving the whole of civilization. This is exactly what Nazafareen is. But she has no idea yet. The only thing she knows is the revenge for her sister. That is her only motivation until she met friends and unexpected allies that will be bonded to her for life and even after death.

I give the book 5/5 gold cuffs. I did not mind being attached and bonded to the Nazafareen in this story. It was a very glorious and amazing adventure though I admit it was also terrifying. Yes, this has a touch of the bitter cold in the North in Game of Thrones at the same time it will take you to the picturesque landscapes in the old world like Persia and Macydonia. And if you are a fan of Aang, The Avatar, the last air-bender or Korra, then this too has a touch of the magic that both Korra and Aang were masters of. 

For it's not the loss that undoes us in the end. It's the regret, for words unspoken, small kindnesses withheld.