Monday, January 9, 2017

Sparks (Sparks Saga #1) by RS McCoy | A Book Review

Sparks (Sparks Saga Trilogy #1)  by RS McCoy | A Book Review

This book was the first book RS McCoy wrote. This is also the first in a trilogy. 

I am a member of the rep team of Rs McCoy. I signed up to be part of her rep team because I really enjoyed her works and I also believe in her talent. I read about two of her series (The Extraction Files and The Alder Tales) when she wanted people to be a part of her rep team. I readily signed up  and thankfully, I got in. Now, I get to enjoy her books for free while helping her tell the world of how amazing and engaging her books are. 

Last December, we were celebrating The Extraction Files. This month, we are spreading the light on the Sparks Saga. Sparks was free for a week until yesterday on all platforms. This week, Spirits is reduced to $0.99 and next week, Schism will be at the same reduced price also. And as a member of her rep team, I will be holding a giveaway for Spirits and Schism before the month ends. To be exact, on January 22. So, please watch out for the giveaway on Instagram.

Sparks is the story of Lark and Khea. These two were from a very impoverished place that they were forced to leave their family and home to seek fortune in another place when the opportunity came. Lark had to leave his parents in exchange for money so they can afford to buy the cure for his ailing mother. Khea, on the other hand, is an orphan. These two were bound to be together, more than poverty, the same hometown, and their need to survive.

This book was very impressive. Granting that this was the author's first book. The characters and all the details were impressively woven with great attention. I was brought to a different time and to an exotic place, much to my fancy and delight. I eagerly embraced the new characters as part of my ever-growing imaginary family. I love Lark and Khea. I feel protective of them knowing they started as two hungry, scrawny and dirty kids away from home.

Another fascinating character in the story is Avis. He is Lark's assigned mentor. I was so shocked that his character was mean to Lark when they first met. I really hated him. Good thing, it was not all he is. There was a reason to his madness. I grew to like him as the story progressed, just like how Lark felt about him.

There were a lot of characters that were not really who they are. There were hidden agendas and hunger for power. Though this book had teenage characters in them, there were scenes that were a bit mature but were written with care, that did not in any way diminish the wholesomeness of the story. I think it was done with ample sensitivity which I really like so this book could be at least suitable for some teens. Although, I think, this book was not really intended to be a YA novel.

This was a very wonderful and exciting adventure. I am looking forward to the next two books. I actually can't wait to read them and see where the rest of the story will take me.

I give the book 4/5 copper rings. This book is in a way like The Avatar, The Legend of Korra, only the Avatar is much more gifted and more lovable. She is not as moody and impatient as Korra (I liked Aang better than Korra). I find this book and its two heroes very captivating. Unlike the animated series, I was not let down or in any way irritated by the actions and decisions of Lark and Khea. 

Reading books turned out to be much easier than reading people. Words are rather straightforward in a way that humans could never be.
- RS McCoy, Sparks -