Thursday, January 19, 2017

Henrietta and the Dragon Slayer: A Very Short Prequel by Beth Barany | A Book Review

Henrietta and the Dragon Slayer | A Very Short Prequel by Beth Baramy | A Book Review

This book is a very short prequel to Henrietta and the Dragon Slayer. I got this book from the author. I signed up for her newsletter.

Obviously, the story is very short. It tells the story of how Henrietta the Dragon Slayer met her two unlikely friends -Jaxter the Jester and Sir Frankie the Knight. These two caught Henrietta when she was at her lowest. She was down and disappointed. She wasn't sure of herself anymore after what happened to her last assignment. She also has resigned from the army of the king.

This felt like the story jumpstart right away with Henrietta in the middle of the forest. Not so much introduction. It was a bit disorienting. Fortunately, in about two or three chapters, the story became coherent enough to figure out what happened and what it was about.

Since this is very short, I couldn't really say much about the story. It at least outlined the state of mind and confidence of Henrietta before she embarks on another adventure which she taught she has tried to stop herself from going into again due to reasons that are yet to be known. In the end, this at least served its purpose--a prequel.

I give the book 3/5 stars. 

Henrietta the Dragon Slayer (Henrietta and the Dragon Slayer #1)