Thursday, January 19, 2017

Everything Beautiful and Other Stories by Jeremy Mark Lane | A Book Review

Everything Beautiful and Other Stories by Jeremy Mark Lane | A Book Review

This is a collection of nine short stories. I got this ebook copy from Library Thing. Thank you again, Jeremy Mark Lane and Library Thing for the copy.

At first, I can't find or understand what's common about all the stories. Yes, the title says everything beautiful but I can't seem to see it as a common denominator in all the stories. Some seemed to be just stories. Some I didn't even get what it was trying to convey. Maybe, it was too short to understand or maybe it was written in a way that is not to be taken literally. There are some stories that I ended up asking what it wanted to prove or say. Some sounded like ramblings. They sounded incoherent at all to me. But the last three stories of the collection were the best ones. Finally, something that would at least allude to the title so it would not be in vain.

My favorite stories in the collection were --Souls in the Wind, Shape and The Pebblestone Five. These three were really touching stories. They were indeed beautiful. These three made up for the feeling of the let down I felt after reading the first two stories which never made sense to me. These three stories were about family, relationships, and abuse in all different forms. They have strong and brave characters in them that transcended their weaknesses and ended whatever suffering or injustice that was witnessed or endured. Each story embodied a character that you can't help but admire and be inspired.

I give the book 2/5 stars. It was OK. I would have written off this book as non-sensical because they did not spark any interest or reaction except confusion or indifference. If not for the last three amazing stories it would have been a futile effort on my end. It would seem the author have not made any connection to me. Thankfully, the three made it worth my time.

Some quotes from the book:

Back then, it was an eye for an eye. Then Jesus comin' round, you say all that changed, and now it's all about forgiveness. Sounds real convenient if ya ask me.
 - The Peeblestone Five -

It's a terrible thing to live a lifetime regretting something that happened one minute. It's a terrible thing.
- Shape -