Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Marrying Type by Laura Chapman | Audio Book | A Book Review

The Marrying Type by Laura Chapman | Audio Book | A Book Review

This is another audiobook I won in a giveaway. Thank you again, Laura Chapman.

The Marrying Type is a story of second chances in love. 

I love stories about weddings or brides. I have some romantic bones in my body too. I love going to weddings, where I am invited, but I usually find an excuse to skip the bouquet-throwing part. I don't want to catch the bouquet, not that I don't want to get married but I don't want to be the center of attention. As much as possible, I try not to draw attention to myself.

Yes, this is a feel-good happy-ever-after story. It was a delight to be treated to all the things happening behind-the-scenes on an expensive wedding. I believe, weddings are one occasion where it is often well-planned and prepared for but something always goes wrong, no matter how small. It pays to have a wedding planner who thinks on her feet and is suited up for any catastrophe whether it is man-made or not. And I think Elliot Lynch is just the type. When I get married and needed a wedding planner, I would surely want Elliot. Too bad her family is not as dedicated as she is to their business.

I think this story would be really amazing if made into a movie. Catherine Heigel would make a good Elliot. She's one actress who can play any role in a romantic comedy. I always enjoyed all her movies.

I remember I was crying when I was listening to this story. It was not about the story but I do know some parts were really infuriating and tear-inducing. I was crying because it was a day after Christmas and it just dawned on me that this was not the Christmas I wanted at all. Well, not the life I wanted to be dramatic. It was just that this has been a very discouraging two years. It felt like I lost myself and I am just a bystander watching the events unfold in my life on the sideline. I felt like I was not really involved and had no say with how my life is going. Thankfully, I have an alternate life in books. Books have been my lifeline and I am slowly trying to get to the surface at my own pace. I am trying to view the past year and a half as a sabbatical. A time of figuring out what I really want, my purpose. Of finding my confidence again. Of trying to store up enough courage and strength to face life's blows again.

So, this has been an amazing read, without going into the part where I was being emotional. I give this book 4/5 bridal bouquets. This was an endearing read and if I were in a relationship, I would have been induced to start preparing for my own wedding right away. Not to mention, the abundance of inspiring marriage and relationship quotes at the beginning of each chapter.