Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Illusion (Song and Shadow #2) by Annie Oldham | A Book Review

Illusion (Song and Shadow #2) by Annie Oldham | A Book Review

It's been raining a lot here in Cebu for the last two weeks. It's wet and cold and it's nice to just hide under the blankets and be immersed in a gripping book. And the nights are colder. Perfect for having hot soup or hot cocoa.

This is the second book in the Song and Shadow series. This time Constance has to embrace her gift to face the dark necromancer that has been wrecking havoc in Milltown. She also has to prove that her suspicions are true. Will she be able to accomplish all of these things?

As I have mentioned in my review on the first book --Possession, Seline, Constance's number one tormentor was promising to be coming around. In this book, she is finally coming to that but it took quite a while for her to finally accept that things are not anymore the way they were. I guess old habits die hard. She has fallen from grace and the only person who talks to her and has shown her any kindness is Constance. I am glad that finally, Seline got a taste of her bitter pill. And Constance is no longer the pariah. It seemed that Constance and Seline's fate have been reversed. Good thing, Constance is not one to gloat. She feels sorry for Seline and can't help but pity her which is sometimes annoying. 

On the other hand, Constance is slowly discovering other aspects of her gift. She realized she is more gifted than her mother. Her curiosity and stubbornness had led her to discover and learn some important facts related to her gift but at the same time, her adventures had almost cost her a lot.

The ending of this book is so sad. I don't like it. Why did it have to be this way? My heart was crushed. The next book better make up for this heartbreaking ending in this book. I hope it should be worth this ache I am feeling right now.

I give the book 4/5 jars of dirt. I am just so sad that it ended that way. Oh, why. Oh, why? It can't be. I wished it ended some other way. I still can't believe it. My mind refused to accept it.

Thank you again, ebooksforreview.com for the copy.

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