Thursday, January 26, 2017

When It Hits You (The It Series #1) by Nicki Elson | ARC | A Book Review

When It Hits You (The It Series) by Nicki Elson | ARC | A Book Review

I got this book when I signed up for the author's newsletter. I have read When It Holds You which is book three of the series. I liked When It Hits you better. Thank you again, Nicki Elson, for the ARC.

This is the story of Lyssa and Hayden. These two are co-workers. In fact, they are partners on a project. At the beginning, it was obvious that these two were physically attracted to each other but the success of the project was the priority. They became so close that they were tempted to finally cross the line but still common sense prevailed. Aside from that, each of them had their own relationship issues. 

I liked this story because their relationship started with friendship, fondness, and respect for each other. Without them knowing, they have fallen in love with each one gradually. Until they were forced to confront their feelings. And since love is a powerful force no one can oppose, these two finally admitted their feelings but then, distance is going to be another hurdle to get through to make their relationship work. Like all relationships, they decided to give what they can for each other and finally finding ways to be together in one place.

I give this book 4/5 corns. This is a feel good book. A happy ending story without much drama. Lyssa and Hayden both knew what the situation is and they know what they were in for. 

Why do I feel like I've been Mister Miyagi'd?
- Nicki Elson, When It Hits You - 

When It Holds You (The It Series #3)