Monday, January 9, 2017

Where We Were (Four of A Kind Prequel) by Kellie Sheridan | A Book Review

Where We Were (Four of A Kind Prequel) by Kellie Sheridan | A Book Review

I got this book from Netgalley. This is a prequel to Four of  a Kind. This is a story of four sisters -a quadruplet. They are Reagan, Reece, Reilly, and Rhiannon.

This book was just an introduction to the four sisters. I was disappointed when I reached the last page and realized that nothing really big happened. I did not realize that this was just a prequel to the first book. I was really surprised when the story ended that way.

Anyway, as I said, this just introduced the four girls. Honestly, I had quite a hard time differentiating and remembering which sister was what, which is also true in real life. I had a classmate in high school who had a twin but luckily, her twin is in a different class. I had gotten close to this classmate, so even if they will pretend to be the other, I could still identify which was my classmate and not. Before this book, I often wondered why authors do not name their characters, especially siblings, with names that start with the same letter like in real life. Guess what? This book answered that long standing question for me. It's because it's confusing. That was what happened to me in this story. I was confused and had to re-track and check back how was the other one described or differentiated from the other three. Yes, them having their names starting with letter R did not help. And as I have mentioned, this was just an intro, right? So, nothing really major happened which marked each character uniquely from the rest. Until the story finished, I was still trying to figure out which girl was who. Only two things were clear - one of the sisters had a boyfriend and one was gay.

All in all, in a way, I was still curious to find out what will happen next. Yes, in spite of the confusion that I went through with this story, I still wanted to read the first book. I wanted to know what the big deal is why these sisters were reacting violently to the move.

I give the book three stars, mainly because of the confusion. I still can't get over it. Maybe, if I read this again, everything will be clearer and I will be able to clearly distinguish one girl from the other. But I am hoping I won't have to. I would like to move on to the next book, once I get a copy. I am also hoping that a lot of things will happen in the next story that will allow me to at least give each character a distinct identity and not confuse her with the others. Just like in real life, I have to really get to know each sister to be able to pinpoint which of the four she is.