Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Life is Like a Parade by L. Henry Smith | A Book Review

Life is Like a Parade by L. Henry Smith Book Review

This is the first book I signed up to review on NetGalley. I knew of NetGalley from one of the book blogs. I can't remember which particular blog. Thank you, whoever you are. I got introduced to a new source of free books to review. So, if you are not yet a member of NetGalley, sign up now. You can choose from a lot of books to review. NetGalley allows each book to be reviewed within three months and then it will be archived. Make sure that you take note of the dates when you get the books.

Life is Like a Parade is a story of Tommy Taylor and Jaime Jones. 

Blurb from Goodreads:

After twenty-seven months in the Peace Corps, the droll hero of this amusing tale returns home with one simple thing on his mind – he's determined to kiss a girl. And not just any girl or any kiss, but an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime first kiss with Mandi, his beautiful next door neighbor. The fun mix of tension, humor, and life lessons in this heartfelt romance will appeal to readers of all ages.

This book is a sweet, witty and entertaining read. I enjoyed very much the smart banter between Tommy and Jaime. I liked that these two think alike in a lot of ways. Their exchanges often ended up as a yardstick  as to who is more brilliant in giving a funny and mightier comeback. And if the other's retort is smart enough to make the other silent or lost for a wittier answer. I was looking forward to this kind of conversations between the pair. It was the best part of the book. It was not the usual type of conversations I get to hear. These conversations gave character to the book and made it stand out from the other comedy romances I have read. Not to mention the quirky  and lovable characters. It made me want to live in Westfield.

Of course, the book was not all about roses. There were serious conversations also. And those serious dialogues squeezed my heart tight. I was on the verge of crying and feeling sorry for our lovebirds. They have waited and endured long enough. They deserved to be together. The book also talked about family dynamics and relationships. Of random kindness and repaying back that kindness when the opportunity comes.

Another character of the book was playing with suspense. Though it had become obvious to me what was going on, but I couldn't help but feel the frustration and worry of Tommy. The author played with his characters' weaknesses which solicited more empathy from me. I wanted to hug Tommy right there and tell him that everything is going to be alright. He has nothing to worry about. 

I gave the book 5/5 mine cars. The author adeptly played me like a guitar string. He was a skillful player who played with my emotions. He made me laugh with the easy and comfortable banter between Tommy and Jaime. And after I was feeling comfortable and content with all the merriment, he played a soulful note and wrung my heart. It was a dizzying roller-coaster of emotions, yet very fulfilling. Like being on the Space Mountain in Disneyland, the ride makes you breathless, weightless and disoriented. At the same time, it makes you want to experience it more. The book made me hopeful. Some wishes do come true after years of patiently waiting. Good people are often rewarded for good deeds, sometimes instantaneously. And that you have to take advantage of the golden opportunities as they come. At the same time, you march to the tune of your heart. Yeah, big dope!

Life is like a parade, sometimes it's clowns and floats and marching bands, but sometimes it's sunburns and muscle cramps and broken blisters -nobody knows that better than you.
- L. Henry Smith, Life is Like a Parade - 

Thank you again, Netgalley for the review copy.