Friday, November 4, 2016

Best Kind of Love: A Reunion Romance Novella by Rebecca Talley | A Book Review

Best Kind of Love by Rebecca TalleyBook Review

This is a story of two best friends in high school Brynn and Craig, who lost touch with each other after graduation. They reconnected when they both attended their reunion. Brynn was hoping to eventually be able to have a chance with her high school crush. Fate was being kind to Brynn and she finally got the chance she had been praying for. She got the attention, talk  and hang out with Troy. But when she at last kissed Troy, it was not what she expected. There were no butterflies. No magical feeling. Is Troy really the one she wants?

I know how it feels when you ultimately get to have what you really wanted and wished for. And it sucks to realize that it was not at all what you expected it to be. Be careful what you wish for. Those words smack you right in the face. Yes, not all we wish for are best for us. This is exactly what Brynn learned in this story. Good thing, she has the common sense to pay attention to the signs and did not just ignore them. Butterflies in the stomach and sparks of electricity may be overrated but they can not also be dismissed. No one in their right mind would want to not feel those things. But they could not also be taken as a foolproof sign that things will just perfectly work between two people. All relationships need work. 

This book is a feel good one. It gave me this delightful feeling and reminded me of my high school crush. But he is married now so I had to cut short my walk down memory lane. Let happy people be happy. Leave happy people alone. But still it felt good to reminisce. How it is to be young and unstoppable. Like the world is ready to be conquered and dominated. Only it is far from that when you think you were ready to conquer it.

Anyway, I give the book 4/5 molasses cookies. I love stories of best friends falling in love and eventually ending up with each other. There's just no substitute for familiarity and comfort. Of someone being able to understand what makes you tick. One who gives in to your cravings and temporary bouts of madness. Someone who would not hesitate to be blunt and honest with you if he needs to. Because when all the romance and the sex has faded, the friendship will sustain the rest of the years the two of you will have to weather. I too dreamed of ending married to my best friend. The only issue is I have lost touch with all of my close guy friends whether in high or in college. Or they have gotten married. Maybe, I still have a chance of making a new guy best friend. In my thirties, what are the odds? 

I got this when I signed up for the author's newsletter. Thank you again Rebecca Talley.