Saturday, November 5, 2016

Death Thieves by Julie Wright | A Book Review

Death Thieves by Julie Wright Book Review

What if a few years from now a time-machine can be invented that would allow us to time-hop and probably change the future? Such as going back to the time when the first signs of global warning manifested or when we first find out that the Great Barrier Reef is slowly dying? 

Death Thieves is a story of twin orphaned sisters Summer and Winter. Twins as they say have a very strong connection with each other and know when the other is in danger. The same is true for the Rae sisters. Winter begged Summer to not go out to lunch with her boyfriend but she didn't listen. She assured Winter that nothing bad will happen to her. But something did happen to Summer. A truck hit the the car they were in. Nathan died on impact. Summer however died but did not actually die. What? Yes, she died in our time but she was snatched away by a soldier from the future named Tag-from year 2113. Summer will help save the future.

I think the events in the story could possibly happen. Knock on wood! It's dreadful to think and the only hope would be to go back to the past to fix it. I think it is wiser if we start doing something about them now, than just waiting for that doomed future to befall us to make us realize that our planet is bound for extinction. Or not the planet but humanity itself. By then, it would be too late to intervene and no amount of genius or highly-advanced technology could undo the damage. 

I give this book 4/5 stars. I liked that the story is as near to the truth or what's real as it could get. It's not some absurd idea of how possibly the future would be like. It's an honest assessment of how events could spiral out of control. At the rate the strain of diseases are evolving and how we are still a lot of steps behind in finding the cure, it might just be what is waiting for us, or the next generation about fifty or a hundred years from now. Or maybe earlier. Worst-case scenario. And a lot could still happen in the years in-between. I am as terrified as everyone for doomsday but like all the threats we have faced before, we hope that we will always prevail. Humans are always known for being resilient. I may not be around by then but I will still be rooting for humanity to succeed and still roam the earth. 

Maybe in the not so far future, or maybe right now, someone in his garage is tinkering with his gadgets and gizmos to invent a machine that would finally pierce the space and time continuum and allow us to jump from one era to the next. Of course, this is with the express intention of saving the future. I think this fantastic dream doesn't sound so incredible or ludicrous at all. In the world of the internet, nano technology and space travel, I'm pretty sure, some bordering-on-crazy-genius out there is at the brink of cracking the code for time travel. I wouldn't be surprised if the news would one day just announce this greatest discovery of our time. 

I know, I am thinking like a madwoman here. But who knows what the future holds? All we can do is do the best we can, like as mundane as surviving the day. All the while, trying not to add to the damage that's been done to our home planet. As simple as not throwing our trash anywhere. This is a no-brainer but a lot of people are still beyond stupid to even do just that. Don't hate me, just thinking out loud. Just like a Filipino saying goes-bato-bato sa langit, tamaan ka sana. Meaning, I hope you understand what the highlighted words mean and I pray that they hit you (right in the head or in the groin).

But seriously, this is just me saying I had enjoyed the time travel and the story fascinated me. And, could I forget? Sliver of midnight! Bravo Julie Wright!

A Sliver of Midnight. It's about a man who stands at the point between two days. What's behind him is a mess of misery and despair; what's in front is something unknown and feared. What happens in the day to follow all hinges on that one moment at midnight where he decides how he will handle what he learned from the day prior. It's about our choices and what we learn from our choices. The metaphors of life, betrayal, honor, trust, rebellion-it's all in there-even love.

- Julie Wright, Death Thieves -

Thank you for the copy in exchange for an honest review.