Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Emerald Key by Mark Frederickson and Melora Pineda | A Book Review

The Emerald Key by Mark Frederickson  and Melora Pineda Book Review

 Blurb from Goodreads:

Penny and Laci are headed for a mundane summer vacation until a mysterious journal unlocks a portal to another world and they find themselves face to face with a baby dragon. 

In an attempt to send their new acquisition back to its home, the girls, along with two neighborhood friends, get sucked through to a mythical world. In this land, they must battle foes seen and unseen, pushing them to both their physical and mental limits. If they fail to stop the powers they’ve unleashed, it could not only destroy this strange world, but also annihilate their home. 

I was having a hard time trying to start this review. It's not that the book is unmemorable. On the contrary, it was an amazing adventure filled with dragons. A whole planet of them. What's more interesting is to be accompanied by the two people who make fun of our two heroes. Mostly, I start my blog with small talk - like how I got the book or an experience that relates to the subject of the book but I came up empty so I just started with the blurb. The shortest blurb I have ever seen so far. This way, I am spared of making my own short summary of the story. I can just go ahead and start my review.

As mentioned, I had a fun time on this adventure with Penny and Laci. Being transported into another world full of dragons by a mysterious journal in the attic, throw in some Norse mythology for good measure and people-trapping giant plants. It was like I can feel the heat and smell the sulphur. And when one of the girls was trapped by the vine, I wanted to help free her also. 

I give the book 4/5 baby dragons.This book is a great example that you will never know when your love for books will come handy. In this story, Laci is the one who mostly spend her time with her nose inside books.  And those times spent reading were never wasted because it help saved them on this adventure. Knowledge is really power. Where to find that power? Mostly in books. It really helps that you are well-read. Based on experience, it is always an advantage to learn facts and even just stories about people, places and things. Books help broaden the mind and enable you try to understand people more. You don't take things as they are and most of the time it saves you a great deal to double check facts than just take them at face value. I would say, I am a better person because of my love for books and travel. They are both enriching and no amount of money can compensate for them. I am proud to say that I have worked hard to spend my earnings on these two things. I work to read and travel. There were a lot of times that books got me out of a very depressing day or helped me cope with a very stressful period in my life. I guess, only hardened book lovers like me could understand what I am saying, right? But who knows, we may yet change a few minds to come join us on the dark side.

I am a certified bookworm! "I am not a bookworm" is just my sarcasm in play and my fondness for reverse psychology.

Pain is a symptom of the effort.
- Mark Frederickson and Melora Pineda, The Emerald Key - 

Thank you ebooksforreview.com for the copy in exchange for an honest review.