Monday, November 14, 2016

The Fireproof Girl (Sophie Shields #1) by Loretta Lost | A Book Review

The Fireproof Girl (Sophie Shields #1) by Loretta Lost Book Review

Lately, I started signing up for cover reveals. Please check out the Book Blitz tab. I know all you book bloggers out there are familiar with book cover reveals. And covers are really important to sell books, though not as much as the quality of the writing inside. The first cover reveal I signed up for was The Bulletproof Boy by Loretta Lost which was hosted by This book is the sequel to The Fireproof Girl. I also got the review copy from xpresso books. Thank you again.

The Fireproof Girl is a story of Sophie Shields, a CIA cryptanalyst. She is a product of the system, a foster child. She had a very difficult life and had been to abusive foster homes growing up that she does not have a lot of friends and people she trusts. Until, she met Cole Hunter. Cole Hunter was also adopted by the same foster parents that adopted Sophie. Cole became the only person she can trust and she will do anything for Cole. Now, both grown-up, Cole and Sophie have not been in touch with other much. The only communication was in the form of letters but even that has stopped lately and Sophie doesn't know why. Sophie must find out.

Wow! The writing in this book is just superb. Loretta Lost has this amazing skill of drawing out her readers' curiosity and keep it until the end. I never wanted to put the book down. And I was so disappointed when it ended because I don't have a copy of The Bulletproof Boy yet. I want to get on with my reading as if the first book never ended. It was a good decision to sign up to review this and for the cover reveal of the next book. I just knew, deep inside that these books will be delicious reads. I am thankful that I listened to my instincts. They never fail me. Ever. After reading The Fireproof Girl, I was already thinking of adding Loretta Lost to my favorite authors. She is that awesome that I was wondering why I had not met her sooner. She is a great find.

The Fireproof Girl has stumped me in a good way. I thought there was a hint of paranormal aspect in this book and I was dying to find out. The way it was written, it kept me asking is there? Really. But as confounded as I was, it soon became clearer and the ending made it even more. I was so lost in this book. Lost that I just wanted to bask in it. But glad to go back to real life as I don't think I can survive all the horrible experiences that took place in this book. The horror and the pain is just too real. Yes, everything that happened here happens in the real world. A lot of Sophies and Coles are out there, living in hell. My heart bleeds out for all of them. The same way, I am thankful that I grew up with both of my parents love even though we are not rich but still I cannot trade them for anything. 

I give the book all the dragon balls that Goku has. Like a fire, it has consumed me and I want more. This is definitely one of the best books released this year. I think Loretta Lost is made of the same cloth as my favorite authors like Clive Cussler, Dick Francis, Dorothy Gilman and Steve Berry. They can spin engrossing tales and you just want to get lost in them. Never-minding if you ever come out or not. 

I think I will be stalking Loretta Lost now to make sure I get to read all her works. I am like that. When I meet a new author with astounding books, I make sure I get my hands on all his/her books. I am a clingy fan. Watch out Loretta Lost!

Why should others have a dominion over my life because of a number? I can do more than they can. I can make better decisions. But being young, and homeless-it makes me so dependent, like I'm not even a person. I have to take so much crap. I don't want to be anyone's possession anymore. I want to belong to myself and
- Loretta Lost, The Fireproof Girl -