Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Last Seeker by Fleur Camacho | A Book Review

The Last Seek by Fleur Camacho Book Review

This is a first of Fleur Camacho that I have read. I had this book two months before but did not have the time to read it until now. Now, I feel sorry why I did not read this sooner. 

The Last Seeker is a magical story about a regular sixteen-year-old kid, Tristen, who discovers he has powers and is deeply connected to Ailey. He finds that he will save the world and to do that he has to embrace his powers.

What I really like about the story is how the character of Tristen is made out to be. He is just a regular kid. And as we all know, not too many stories have regular kids as the main characters in them. Mostly, the hero is oozing with confidence, handsome and can charm any girl. But this story, Tristen is far from any of that. He is clumsy, he does not know how to be around girls and a nerd. It is refreshing to find a story with this kind of hero. (Well, after Percy Jackson, when he did not know yet that he was a demi-god). He is bound to blunder his way and paved the way for an amazing self-discovery.

I think, if I have superpowers, I would like to travel through books. Exactly what Tristen has. To just open a book and get transported to a place. It would save me all the expenses of air and railway travel. Not to mention, avoid jet lag and stress related to long travel. This power perfectly fits my personality -I love to travel and read books. Two of the best things in life. I think this is a very amazing power to possess.

I gave the book 5/5 books. I love Tristen's character. I also like the historical aspect of the story. I love historical fiction. I love how the author introduced snippets of Tristen's ability into the story. It got me wondering the whole time what was really going on with Tristen. I never figured out what was his power until it was revealed. I also liked how the connection between Tristen and Ailey was played. I never really figured it out also. Never! 

I have to admit, I felt sorry that it took me a while to read this book. This was very interesting. Not that I didn't know that I have the power to travel through books. That is exactly the reason why I love to read. Nevertheless, I think I owe Fleur Camacho an apology for not reading the book as soon as I got it. I am sorry and I will read your other book The Edge before the month ends. Thank you. 

In a moment of clarity. I realized that something as simple as the grass played such an important role for different things. It showed the direction of the wind, provided a path for the insects, and provided food for the animals. The grass did not complain about its never-ending labor. It continued to grow, to sway, and to otherwise just be what it was meant to be.
- Fleur Camacho, The Last Seeker - 

Thank you again, Fleur Camacho for the e-book copy. I got them when I signed up for her newsletter.