Saturday, November 19, 2016

To Catch A Killer: Ghost Romance by Amelia Wilson | A Book Review

To Catch A Killer: Ghost Romance by Amelia Wilson Book Review

I signed up for an ARC for one of Amelia Wilson's books. She sent me this book while waiting for the ARC to come out. Thank you again, Amelia Wilson.

The e-book copy I was sent was only for seven chapters. I thought this must have been a condensed version, but when I checked Goodreads, the whole book was only for 54 pages. This was a short story. The following review is just as short also. 

This book was about a lady detective who lost her partner while they were on duty. Her partner's ghost appeared to her to help find his killer. 

I liked the plot. A detective's ghost helping out his partner to catch his killer is very promising. I think this would make a good full novel. The writer could probably explore more on the ghost part. I don't think I have read of similar stories. 

I gave this book three stars. I wished it were longer. I thought there was a lot of potential for the story. I felt there were things that got left hanging. Maybe, there is a next book. Hopefully, it would be a full-length novel this time. 
I have read a few short stories lately, and I thought the stories were interesting enough. I wished they were longer. I think you understand how it felt like when you wanted a story to tell you more.

I will be reading another book by Amelia Wilson -Rune Sword: Vampire Romance. I got an ARC. It was released last week. I will post my review as soon as I finished it.