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Raene and the Three Bears (Alder Tales #2) by RS McCoy | ARC | A Book Review

Raene and the Three Bears (Alder Tales #2) by R.S. McCoy Book Review

For those who don't know, I started my blog January of this year. I am still overwhelmed by the number of free books I am getting and need to review. And they just keep on coming. Thank you so much. I realized, there's a totally separate world where only books hold power. I thought, I was familiar with this world already, but I was mistaken. It's so vast that I just reached a few steps from the threshold. There is still a long way to be able to grasp it entirely. It came to a point, where I started to question if I could keep this up. Could I keep reading and reviewing? It seemed like life was easier when I was just reading books and never cared about posting reviews. Although I used to write my reactions on the last page of each finished book, this still started to feel like not a hobby anymore. I began to wonder, will I go ever go back to reading books for no reason other than pure enjoyment? To never worry about getting a review out? Then, I sort-of get a bash on my head because I get introduced to new astonishing stories and very gifted authors. And, my dilemma is momentarily forgotten. This month has been the best month I ever had. Amazing after amazing books just dropped into my lap. Thank you for all the talented authors that I have met. I am so honored. I keep writing reviews because you deserve all the warm hugs for all the myriad of emotions you stirred inside me. And I hope that you will keep squeezing me back. 

Raene and the Three Bears is another example of those astonishing books I just mentioned. This is the second installment of The Alder Tales series of RS McCoy.  It is a retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

The book picked up right where Blossom and the Beast ended. I thought that this book would just be about Raene. I started to worry about the fate that had befallen on Blossom. This will tell you whatever happened to Blossom after the last time we left her in book one. This also spoke of the fulfillment of the agreement and the binding promise between Da and Vice Syndicate Kaide Landel. If book one seemed complicated enough, then this spun a whole new web of events and episodes that you would need to be in your right frame of mind to be able to catch up. I did not have time to analyze each incident as the next one came bounding out of nowhere, surprising me out of my wits. Very clever! I am already looking forward to the next book - Hale and Gemini. The characters were just so memorable I couldn't help but feel for each of the heroes and heroines. Might as well, because, in my review on Blossom and the Beast, I already claimed to be a member of the Bear clan. And rightly so, because my last name actually stands for bear in Spanish. 

This book will make you start picking your favorites and get you annoyed. You will be asked to choose. You will be asked to take a side. It will ask you as to who are you rooting for? You will start to question if it was ever fair. And be careful, because you might get your heart broken.

I give this book all the rings in Raene's fingers. Gratefully, my heart is still intact. I was far from being heartbroken. I was satisfied and concurred with the turn of the events and how the story developed. I wouldn't have it any other way. I was so high from all the excitement that I could not think of any other course it should have gone. This book oozed with a shocking intensity that was hard to recover from. It took me about three days to write this review. I had to read light stories after this to manage the excitement. I didn't think I could take any more taxing adventures right after Raene and the Three Bears. I didn't want my heart and my brain to explode from too much involvement and invested feelings. I had to calm myself down before I take on any other complicated stories to process. So, you have been warned - this is intense.

How dark did a person become when they relished the misery of others?
- RS McCoy, Raene and the Three Bears -

Release Date: November 29, 2016

Thank you again, RS McCoy, for the ARC.

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