Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Forget Tomorrow (Forget Tomorrow #1) by Pintip Dunn | A Book Review

Forget Tomorrow (Forget Tomorrow #1) by Pintip Dunn Book Review

What if the future has been determined? No more choosing or deciding what career-path you would need to take. Would life be easier and better then?

Forget Tomorrow is a magnificent tale where each person's future is determined by a future memory. Yes, a memory from your future self will be sent on to you on your seventeenth birthday and will decide what you will become. Those who are unfortunate and received a bad memory, like killing someone or turning into a person less likely to benefit society, will be taken by the government. You will be imprisoned for a crime you have not committed yet. Definitely terrifying.

This is probably one of the best dystopian novels I have read. The way it was narrated was very clear. The pages just flowed smoothly mesmerizing me. I never wanted to put the book down. I was held captive and I had no desire to be released. I did not want my freedom back. I just wanted to get trapped in the pages. I just wanted to forget that there's still tomorrow and wanted to spend the rest of the hours lost in its words until there will be no more.

When I think about it, this book is supposed to scare me. The possibilities of a future where choice is robbed makes me want to run for the hills and never return. I think it is a very bleak future if I will not be allowed to make my own decisions and pursue my passions. On the other hand, it would save a great deal of trying and finding what would be a successful venture. But it will also erase the mystery and discovery of the unknown. With real life being as it is, I would not want it to be already laid out before me. I don't want a prepared career or a life that is just handed out to me. I want to work and find what am I good at. And I would want to be surprised of what I am capable of and discover hidden potentials that I never knew existed. 

Yes, admittedly, there are times that I wished things would have been clearer and there was no need to reflect and discern over things but I guess that is the beauty of life. You take what it dishes out but you always have a chance of doing what you really wanted to become. The future is not written in stone. The possibilities are endless and the only thing that limits us is ourselves and our insecurities.

I give this book 5/5 fallen leaves. There is just no substitute for freedom. No matter how advanced our civilization and technology would become, freedom will never become obsolete. It will always be the most treasured possession of every human being or for any species for that matter. Once it's lost, all else is lost, including a person's dignity.

...I hoped the leaves would remind you how it feels to be free. To be able to take whatever path we want and land anywhere we choose.
- Pintip Dunn, Forget Tomorrow - 

I won a hardbound copy of Forget Tomorrow as an author giveaway through Goodreads. Thank you again Pintip Dunn and Goodreads.