Saturday, November 19, 2016

Silks by Dick Francis | A Book Review

Silks by Dick Francis Book Review

This is another book I read last month. I got this from a second-hand bookstore. I have always loved Dick Francis. Every time I see a book of his, it is automatic that I buy it. I have a list of authors that I look for first, every time I go inside a bookstore. If I can't find any of their works, then the digging and reading the back covers start.  

Silks mean two things. One is to mean a QC - Queen's Counsel. An English (British) term for senior lawyers. Informally or commonly referred to as a silk. Silks also refer to the clothes worn by jockeys. The lead character in this book, Geoffrey Mason, is both of those things. He's a lawyer and an amateur jockey who rides his own Thoroughbred in races.

If you are familiar with Dick Francis, you already know that his novels always have jockeys, steeplechase racing, horses and feature a different profession each time. As mentioned earlier, this book talked of lawyers. And if there are lawyers, a crime or a case is surely in the midst. In this story, an alleged murder of the number one jockey by another top jockey. The accused begged for Mason to represent him in court.

Every time I read a Dick Francis novel, I always ask myself if I can spot the antagonist or if I can see the way the story is going. It is a game. I try to pay attention to the writing to get clues that might help me. Sometimes I was successful and sometimes, I was not. It's not an absolute science. It always ends up that the author is more clever than I am. In this story, I had no clue. I have no idea how to connect the people to the suspect. And again, Francis has done it in a very unsuspecting way. It is always a delight every time he stumps me with his unusual ways of thinking.

I gave this book 5/5 stars. Of course, there is no question. I don't think I have read one from him that disappointed me. That is why he is one of my favorite authors. His novels are always a treat. They are like guilty pleasures for me. My only expectation each time is to be surprised with the twists. I have read a number of his books and it is still a wonder to me how he comes up with these unique stories. I thought, by now, he should have run out of ideas but it seems as if there is always a book that I have not read.

Just like all his other novels, I have enjoyed my presence in the courtroom as Mason tries his damnedest to put doubt on the accused. And I cheered when he and his horse finally won in the last run of their racing careers.

I could remember feeling like I was living in  a time warp. There had been so much rushing around going on by others while I had sat still and alone in my grief and the hours and days had dragged by.
- Dick and Felix Francis, Silks - 

I have featured Dick Francis in my three-of-a-kind posts. Three of a kind showcases three books from my favorite authors. I have not done one lately but will make one again as soon as I have caught up with all my reviews. I came up with this in the earlier stages of my blog to tell everyone about the books and stories I love. Here are three of his books and they are my favorites. I hope you too will love them.