Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Meet Your Match (No Match for Love #0.5) by Lindzee Armstrong | A Book Review

Meet Your Match by Lindzee Armstrong Book Review

As far as I can remember, this was the first book I read of Lindzee Armstrong. I started on another book of hers which is also under the No Match for Love series. I noticed her books are fun and clean reads. If they were movies, they are like chick-flicks. The feel good ones.

Meet Your Match is about Brooke and Luke. Brooke just moved to a new high school. Luke is one of the popular jocks in school. Being a new student, she got the attention of everyone in the school, including Luke. He kept asking Brooke to go out with him but she doesn't want to. After learning about what Brooke's family is going through, Luke agreed to be friends with Brooke. But Brooke feels they need rules to keep them from straying from the agreement.

I like Luke. Even though his character started as a typical high school guy who loves to flirt, he has a good heart. He realized there is more to life than just dating. I also admired that he values his parents' advice. I commended him for respecting Brooke's wishes, even though Luke wanted it so much not to.

Brooke. I think it was so mature of her to not succumb to Luke's charms. But coming up with the rules was a bit too much. On the other hand, it served them both good because they needed each other as best friends, better than they could be as more than friends. There are perks to having best friends of the opposite sex. The only downside is when you fall so hard for that person, which happens most of the time.

I gave the book 4/5 stars. This was a good background story for the Brooke and Luke's story in the No Match for Love series. The story hinted a future of Luke and Brooke together. That is if, they get past their need for rules. This was sweet and promising just like all other high school relationships are. It whispered of good things to come, so stick around. It made me want to read the next books. It gave me a feeling that I will be in for a treat. It made me warm and fuzzy. This was a feel-good read, which is just what we all need sometimes to get ourselves centered. I can't wait for Luke to break all the rules so he can be with Brooke. 

I read this book last October and it took a while for me to write a review. I had to prioritize the other books I signed up for ARC's. This does not mean that this book is any less. In fact, I'll make sure to finish the two other books from the same author this year. 

Thank you again, Instafreebie and Lindzee Armstrong for the copy.


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