Saturday, November 19, 2016

Taken by Love (The Bradens at Trusty, Colorado #1) by Melissa Foster | A Book Review

Taken by Love by Melissa Foster Book Review

Yes, this book is as hot as the cover. Parental guidance is advised. This is  for 18 years old and aboveTaken by Love is a story of Luke Braden and Daisy Honey. It is set in Trusty, Colorado. A laid back farm and ranch town where gossip is the major past time but the people are also forgiving and have a strong sense of community.

This book described a typical small town setting. Almost everybody knows anyone and gossip spread around like wildfire. Where the story of your life can be the normal topic of dinner conversations. 

So far, of all the books of Melissa Foster that I have read, this one seemed to be the closest to real life. It mirrored a typical life in a small town.  It also mentioned about bullying and mean girls in high school. This book explained how a very smart and successful person can still be haunted by her insecure past. It made her doubt what she has accomplished and what she can do. This just exposed how scars from getting bullied can become a big part of a person. The experience was buried deep within but would only take a very light reminder to make it float back to the surface. This story is also an example that high school is not the end of the world. There is a totally whole new universe out there and those popular people in high school who thought they own the world, will be proven wrong.

I gave this book 4/5 stars. I wish this book was for young adults. There is a very good lesson to be learned here. Bullying is a menace. We have to keep educating people until it gets through their thick skull. I was bullied too in grade school that is why I can relate to books about this subject. I praise authors who make it an effort to talk about this giant white elephant that is not only an issue in the US but all over the world. Bullying has nothing to do with culture, it has to do with each individual person and what is happening at home. Most bullies are often ignored or spoiled at home. They lashed out at people they can boss around in school to assert some sort of control in their life.

We have silly parades and gossip that runs thick as rivers. But to those who really know Trusty, they realize that this small town is also known for forgiveness, and community.
- Melissa Foster, Taken by Love -

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