Friday, November 4, 2016

Her Fateful Debut by G. G. Vandagriff | A Book Review

Her Fateful Debut by G. G. Vandagriff Book Review

I am not really into historical romance. I am more into historical fiction and thriller books but I have read a historical romance last month and I was really entertained that I realized I might have missed some really good stories. Thus, here I am again with another romance set in the Victorian era.

Her Fateful Debut is the coming out into London society of Miss Penelope Swinton. Unfortunately, before she makes her debut, she caught the unneeded attention of a French spy who was pissed that she drew him while in the park meeting with British government representatives. This French double agent is adamant on silencing Penelope for good. Will Penelope go back home to the country or face London bravely, even with death threatening from making her debut?

A few sentences into the story and interesting things were happening already. This story is beyond doubt off to a good start. If all historical romances are like this, with a touch of suspense, then I would gladly read all of them that come my way. This felt like a series of unfortunate events for our heroine. Like most disastrous circumstances, something good always comes out of it. And this is true also for Penelope. 

I noticed that of all the historical novels that I have read, what draw my interest were the uncanny heroines or heroes. Personalities that defy the existing convention, habits and expectations of society at that time. And now, I know why I cheerfully read through this story without complaint. Penelope Swinton embodies the same characteristics. Yes, she is excited about coming out into society but it doesn't mean that she agrees with everything it demands and projects. In the time when people are expected to strictly conform, it's always a delight to find characters that are too carefree to be confined and measured by society's yardstick. People who would be cool if were born in our time. People who would likely end up as my friends if they happen to be in the present.

I give this book 4/5 red roses. Yes, I am giving historical romances a chance as long as they are not full on just romances. I want a touch of comedy, suspense, mystery or horror. That way, I wouldn't mind getting lost in the forgotten or unfamiliar era.

Just it Jujitsu or Jujutsu? Jujutsu is not in the dictionary. Was it just a typo? Jujutsu was used throughout the story. Hmmmm. Which is it?

Thank you for the copy in exchange for an honest review.