Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Blossom and the Beast (The Alder Tales #1) by RS McCoy | A Book Review

Blossom and the Beast (Alder Tales #1) by R.S. McCoy Book Review

This is another re-telling. This time it's a different take on Beauty and the Beast. I love re-tellings. I think this review is just timely since a new version of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson is coming out in theaters this March 2017. 

Blossom and the Beast is an absolutely endearing tale of two people of different backgrounds falling in love with each other more as each day passes. It will make you swoon and fall in love with Blossom and Kaide.

Kaide is my kind of guy. The serious and brooding on the outside but really sweet and thoughtful. One whose decisions are well-thought out and well-meaning. 

I love Blossom. She's a no muss, no fuss kind of girl which I would like to think I am also. One who is not concerned with pretty dresses and parties. Free-spirited and loves to discover the world on her own. Stubborn as a bull but also kind and smart. I think Blossom and I have a lot in common. She could well be my alter-ego.

I love Argeron Frane or more fondly called as DA. He is the embodiment of a great father and clan leader. If I were one of the citizens of Alder, I would like to be a Terra and be part of Da's clan. He is fair and wise. His actions and decisions are also very reasonable.

Having read two of R.S. McCoy's works, I should at least be little familiar with her writing style. Those burst of surprises within the story and on the last chapters. Those things should not surprise me anymore but I was caught with my jaw open. It was shameful but I admit it was very exciting as well. To be surprised over and over is the best thing every reader could hope. I was stunned and had to remind myself that I have book two ready to continue my journey. And that is one of the best things about R.S. McCoy, aside from spinning astounding tales, she is also generous. When she sends you an ARC, if there is a book that came before it, she will always include it. I bear witness to this generosity twice. 

I give the book a hundred beautiful blossoms. I relished every word in this book. I was transported to the forest in Alderwood and to the bustling city of Pyrona. An amalgamation of both the crude and the advanced. Where the lifestyles of the inhabitants are polar opposites. Where people are of varied temperaments and priorities. But is not a far cry from reality. I think it may even be an accurate mirror of what real events are.

I think it's time I include R.S. McCoy to my favorite authors' list. She deserves it. She has continued to astonish me with her writing prowess. Her ability to create characters that are not far from real people. Not larger-than-life personas but relatable ones. Her stories are so engrossing that I sometimes forget they are not real because I want to live in them. Thank you for the great stories. You rock!

I'm also going because I want to know what it is. I want to know what parts of me are the strongest. I know that might not happen, but I have to take that chance.
- R.S. McCoy, Blossom and the Beast - 

Thank you again, R.S. McCoy for the copy.